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Life After the Cover Save | Comedy Tabletop Gaming

Dec 25, 2020

Happy Holidays from Blake and Ed. After a short heart felt message the boys share a magical Christmas episode of the Twenty Sided Realms Podcast. Enjoy and see you in 2021!

Dec 15, 2020

Blake and Ed discuss the edition that birthed Life After the Cover save. 5th Edition 40k was the juggernaut that forged RoboEd, BigNastyB, and  the BigCat (rest in power) into the podcasting powerhouse that is LAtCS. Razor backs were everywhere, Grey Knights dominated, fully reserved armies teleported and decended from...

Nov 30, 2020

The boys talk with Vince Venturella from Warhammer Weekly.  They find out that Vince only wears boots.


Nov 14, 2020

In August of the year of our Emperor 2004 Warhammer 40k was reborn again! Let us hear what great wisdom Brother Sergent Blake and Brother Captain Ed have to share with us about this great edition.

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Oct 30, 2020

I hope you are prepared to enter the Forbidden Zone again along with special guest Shayne Smith.