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Life After the Cover Save | Comedy Tabletop Gaming

Nov 30, 2021

Blake and Ed get into everything today. They talk board games, specifically Aristeia. Blake just got Aristeia back from the commission painter; they look top-notch. We also find out that Blake and Ed are experts on the history and play style of the Black Templars.

T-Shirts, Mugs & Pint...

Nov 16, 2021

The final ramp-up to the return of the Twenty Sided Realms Podcast is here. The boys talk to DM Travis, and well, quite frankly it goes a little bit off the rails. It's a fun ride though so strap your ears in and let's go!

New Mugs and Pint Glasses

Oct 31, 2021

Blake and Ed talk to Raquel from the awesome Raqrex Art YouTube channel. Raquel will be joining as a player in the newest season of the Twenty Sided Realms Podcast. Check out her awesome art on YouTube.

Raqrex Art


Oct 15, 2021

Blake and Ed sit down with the one and only Brent from Goobertown Hobbies and talk about him joining the cast in an exciting new adventure on the Twenty Sided Realms Podcast. Oh, what fun that will be!

Sep 30, 2021

Huge ramblesode coming at you: Numerology returns in a BIG way, Hulk Hogan's Thunder in Paradise, Bathroom protocol at a miniatures tournament, Painting Competitions, Blake's trip to Minnesota, and the Future of the Twenty Sided Realms. This show has it all!